Q: Why can’t I make a topic (post)?
A: Did you register an account and choose a tag for your topic?

Q: Do all posts have to be privacy and/or security-related?
A: Nope! If you make a post that isn’t related to the main theme of this forum, just use the “off-topic” tag.

Q: Where is your privacy policy or terms of service, etc.?
Terms of service: Terms of Service (ToS)
Privacy policy: Privacy Policy
Both can be accessed from the FAQ link on the side bar.

Q: The site is so bright/dark!11!!1!!
A: That isn’t a question, but feel free to turn Dark/Light Mode on! Tap on the moon/sun icon at the top of the website, on the navbar.

Q: Do you store any information on the users?
A: Nope! Everything is locally-hosted, meaning no company has view nor control over the data; only the site admin, and they do not store any data. For full transparency, an e-mail address is required to make an account, so while they are able to see that, they do not store it anywhere. An IP address is also required to use the site (since that’s literally how the Internet works). The site admin can see the IP address, but again, they do not store it for their own records or anything like that. They also do not randomly check any of this information. If you are worried about it, feel free to use a VPN to mask your IP address! We recommend ProtonVPN.

Q: How can you say you’re about privacy but have forums?
A: A good question. As explained on the above question, the site admin locally-hosts everything, so it is all under their control. No 3rd party company or anything is seeing any data, nor is the side admin randomly checking it. Also, the forums are completely optional. Opt-in. If you would like to delete your account or wish to have your posts deleted, simply message @B!