Google Assures "Find My Device" Will Work, Even When Device Is Powered Off

As of April 8, 2024, Google has officially declared the launch of its highly anticipated, revamped Find My Device network for Android, which now functions with offline devices. Just like iPhones since iOS15. This feature is being rolled out on devices running Android 9 (mid-2018) and newer, globally, commencing in the U.S. and Canada. With a network encompassing more than a billion devices, locating your device will still be effortless, even when they are offline. A particularly fascinating feature was the capability to locate a Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro even when they are turned off or have no battery. Wow.

Since the announcement, many individuals have been curious about whether this highly beneficial feature would extend to other smartphones in the future. The answer has now been revealed as “yes, eventually.” When you are at home and have Nest devices, the Find My Device app can accurately determine the location of a lost device in relation to those Nest devices. Additionally, you have the option to ‘share’ devices with others, facilitating easier tracking in case they are misplaced.

Google has stated that it is collaborating with other smartphone manufacturers and chipset producers to enable this feature for other devices in the future. Initially, this functionality is expected to be available on premium Android smartphones before gradually becoming accessible on more budget-friendly options.

Soon, upcoming software updates will enable headphones from JBL, Sony, and other brands to connect to Google’s latest Find My Device network. Google’s introduction of this new network was delayed for several months as it awaited Apple’s integration of privacy protections against unwanted tracking into iOS. It appears that this feature will be operational in iOS 17.5, set for imminent release, prompting the launch of the new Find My Device network.

Not everything is doom-and-gloom here, though. While I am completely against this feature, the bright side is that you can turn it off and all locations are encrypted and cannot be shared, sold, etc. I miss the days of when powering off your device meant that it was actually turned off, not just powered down.


  • Image from Xiaomiui
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