Mozilla Drops OneRep After CEO Admits to Running People-Search Networks

Really happy to hear this! On March 14th, 2024, an article was published by a reputable source claiming that OneRep’s CEO, Dimitiri Shelest, was running many people-search websites since 2010. On March 21, 2024, he admitted to these claims and even said he has a stake in a popular search website called Nuwber. If you aren’t familiar, OneRep is a service that removes your personal data from the Internet. Oh, the irony! Now, while Dimitiri may or may not be totally innocent here and not have abused data from his own company OneRep, or other sources, the fact alone that this happened should make you continue to be very careful on who and what you trust on the Internet.

Never assume anyone or any company has your best interest. In February of 2024, Mozilla (creator of the FireFox browser), partnered up with OneRep. Mozilla has a great track record for privacy & security for the most part. It is nice to see Mozilla sticking to that and dropping OneRep amidst the controversy. You can see a more in-depth article here: Mozilla Drops Onerep After CEO Admits to Running People-Search Networks – Krebs on Security Cool!

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